KAMAZ PJSC represented by the dealer VTK KAMAZ auto guarantees reliable operation of the vehicle as a whole, its parts, assemblies and mechanisms (except tires and rechargeable batteries), while the consumer observes the rules of storage, operation and maintenance specified in the Operation Manual.

The consumer (owner, lessee) has the right to be serviced during the warranty period, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Buying a car from the manufacturer’s factory or its sellers who fulfill warranty conditions on their own or under an agreement with service and warranty service enterprises.
  2. Timely delivery of the car to the warranty account in the service center (after receiving the car in a seven-day period).
  3. Compliance with the requirements of the “Operation Manual” and “Service Book”, including the mandatory compliance with the recommended frequency of vehicle maintenance at a service center.
  4. Use of lubricants, special fluids, parts and products recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. The use of the car for the intended purpose and the absence of any design changes made without the consent of the manufacturer.
  6. The warranty period (warranty validity) is calculated from the date of the sale of KAMAZ PJSC vehicles or its authorized representatives (dealers, agents) to the Consumer.
  7. A mark on the performance of a technical survey during the warranty period is entered in the service ticket and sealed by the company that carries out the maintenance.
  8. In case of non-compliance or non-fulfillment by the consumer (owner, lessee) of the specified conditions, the enterprise of the service and warranty inspection of KAMAZ PJSC rejects the claims, about which it makes an appropriate entry in the Service Book.