Additional Liability Company “VTK KAMAZauto” was based in 2004. Since that, it has been authorized to sell and provide service support for “KAMAZ” vehicles in Belarus.

It’s been 14 years already that an official dealer “VTK KAMAZauto” has been successfully working on the market of cargo vehicles and other commercial vehicles.

On may, 9th of 2018 “VTK KAMAZauto” company organized an event promoting KAMAZ vehicles in Belarus. The event included truck pull show with the participation of the Belarusian Strongmen Federation during which they deadlifted a 17-ton KAMAZ dump truck. Several famous strongmen from Belarus took part in the show, each of them trying to set a new truck pull record. Apart from the truck pull, participants did such stunts as super yoke carry, tire flipping, etc. The event gathered a lot of people, especially on the weekend when whole families with kids attended the show. Considering rave reviews everyone enjoyed the event, particularly kids that took part in competitions and received gifts from “VTK KAMAZauto” team. Besides, anyone interested could hold a KAMAZ dump truck wheel and feel all its strength and power. “VTK KAMAZauto” intends to continue hosting different events to promote KAMAZ brand in Belarus.

Our Team.

Us and Strongmen!

We offer a full range of services to our clients, such as:

  • sales,
  • service support,
  • warranty and maintenance of KAMAZ vehicles.

On the Belarusian market we stand out by offering favorable payment conditions and vehicles supply within the shortest possible period of time.

We meet commercial vehicle customer needs by ensuring compliance with sales requirements and contractual commitments.

All these guaranteed our company a leading position on the KAMAZ cargo and special vehicles market of Belarus.

Constant refinement of our work allows us to meet high standards applicable to authorized dealers.

Creative activities of “VTK KAMAZauto” are client-oriented. We apply an individual approach to each situation!

This concerns vehicle sales as much as its further maintenance. The main goal of our team is to make our customer, potential vehicle user, return in the future after making their first purchase of a new KAMAZ from “VTK KAMAZauto”.